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The antique dealer tells his story


”My interest for old things awakened already when I was young, and since I opened the shop in the beginning of the 1990's I have been devoted to the business. The years 1990-2008 were especially interesting. The demand for old things was high, they were almost grabbed out of my hands! Nowadays the younger generation has become more active; recycling and sustainable development is concieved as a natural part of the business. The trends changes over time, but yet there remains an iterest for old objects.


Jukan Antiikki was earlier located in the railway company VR's store house, but the building was destroyed in a fire 2012. After a break of one year, due to the fire, the antique shop was reopened at a site right next to the former location.


During the past years, there has been a large number of people working in the shop, including trainees, employees and all my children. Moreover, numerous carpentry students and other savvy people have learnt restauration and the craft of furniture renovation at the Jukan Antiikki workshop.”


Jukka Kortelainen